Let Earth Receive Her King

Inspired by the Christmas carol "Joy to the World," this painting shows the veil being torn by the thorns of Christ's bowed head as he is crucified. Christ's death split apart the Old Covenant veil in the Holy of Holies (Matthew 25). He broke down the dividing wall, and "the mystery hidden for ages" became the focal point of time and history.

The irony of a king with a crown of thorns! And this thorn-crown breaks the thorns of the curse.
His crucified body is poured out into the blackened sphere of the cursed earth. I used a blue, red, and gold palette to emphasize the scripture: "These three bear witness, the water, the blood, and the spirit."

The thorn-crown has gold leaf sparingly applied making each giclee print unique. It is a limited edition of 500.

Size 14.5"x17"
Medium giclee on 100% rag paper
Price $190

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