Island of the World

My love of words and poetry lead me to the novel by Michael O’Brien entitled Island of the World. As I strive to create "language" in visual form, I must keep my focus on the One who is the Word made flesh who is full of truth and love. “Art is always mysterious, always pointing to and revealing something beyond itself” writes Michael O’brien. “Be not a slave to the apparent

But seek the perspective of the higher vantage point.

Climb the mast with patience,

Endure the abstinence of the immediate

For the sake of what is beyond the arc

(the spin of the arc, which men call horizon,

which men call the line of horizon

which is not in fact a fixed line,

for it is a wave, a hiatus between matter and infinity).


Seek the true center which is above,

See the true center which is above.


Size 12" x 12"
Medium cold wax/oil on panel
Price SOLD

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