Until Shiloh Comes

NEW  for CHRISTMAS 2010!
The original painting, Until Shiloh Comes,  was sold after the '93 Asheviille Art Museum "Christmas Invitational."  Recently a patron requested I have it reproduced. I received permission from owners and have it available in two sizes..

Christ is the Lion and the Lamb. He is the King and the Shepherd.  His birth and Incarnation are the subject of Christmas. In this painting a nativity scene is hearlded by the angels and a rending veil announces Christ's humble Incarnation. This painting was part of my original Veil Series.

As I was working on it, the scepters and shepherd's crooks... as well as the Lion appeared unplanned by me. Christ the babe is Lord of All, the Lion of Judah, who holds a scepter of justice and judgement, and the lowly Shepherd who guides and protects His sheep.


36" x 36" (canvas)  12" x 12" (paper) 

12" x 12" (rag paper)

Medium hand manipulated giclee on canvas or paper
Price 750.00 stretched canvas / 150.00 rag paper

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