To White Unmapped Fields

The dome shape references Anselm Kiefer's "Yeder Mensch Steht Unter Seiner Himmelskugel" (each man stands under his own dome of heaven). Kiefer believes that man determines his own truth. 

Under God's dome, man is captured by a sovereign, loving Creator. He choses a people for Himself, and He knows each person intimately. He "bands us with a coded band." He knows their number and  numbers the hairs  on  their heads. Then "He flings what he has marked into emptiness, to white unmapped fields known intimately in the mind of One who flies!" 

I began this piece with a blueprint, which located manholes and drainage, as a foundation, As I worked, little tears appeared in the paper. They became figures ascending to their "manholes," or mansions, prepared in the "fields of God!". 

Size 36" x 36"
Medium mixed media
Price 5000.00
To White Unmapped Fields detail
To White Unmapped Fields detail

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