City of God I

This painting was first layered with black and white photos that I printed after my trip to NYC. The top half was layered with language references and blueprints of a church. You can read some of the text through the layers of encaustic, as well as inscribed words (in Arabic) above the tower, "The Word became flesh..." Insaf, my friend from Baghdad, wrote them for me.

The title is taken from St Augustine‚Äôs book, The City of God, which discusses the end of two cities, the earthly city and the heavenly city. He reviews the opinions of the philosophers of his day regarding the supreme good, and their vain efforts to make for themselves a happiness in this life. He refutes these and explains what the peace and happiness belonging to the people of Christ are both now and hereafter.


Size 36" x 36"
Medium mixed media on canvas
Price 3800.00
City of God detail
City of God detail text postmodern cities
City of God detail of bottom

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