Things Unseen

This piece is about God’s grace, as He, the master architect and builder, not only prepares homes "eternal in the heavens," but He also designs and builds each of our lives. "Things Unseen" deals with "where one’s heart is." Is our earthly home all there is? The word "home" is hidden in the artwork, as is the scripture "whatever is seen is temporary and whatever is unseen is eternal." The location of one’s home on earth may be troubled and transient like the little house in the top left which is vulnerable to a lightning strike. It may be like the nest surrounded by thorns. But look closely; the thorns form a protective circle around the nest, suggesting the crown of thorns worn by Christ. The home may have troubles, but it is surrounded by the suffering Savior’s crown. There is hope of new life represented by the egg. Visible behind the nest, are the words "major entrance" from the original blueprint. We fix our eyes on heaven, the unseen eternity! And God’s grace is the unseen reality that enables us to do so!

Size 21"x21"
Medium collage, graphite, oil glazes and blueprint on museum board
Price $2500

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